Foresight Bubble is a podcast on foresight and futures studies. We discuss how to know about futures and how to practice foresight, with those who study and make futures.

Because sometimes it’s good to be in a bubble.

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Foresight Bubble is produced by Mikko Dufva. Mikko is a leading specialist at The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. In his work, he examines future trends, the tensions between these trends and mental images connected with the future. In addition, he seeks to identify signals that may be weak now but are nevertheless significant from the point of view of the future.

He has worked done projects related to the futures of work, synthetic biology, platform economy, forestry, mining and use of renewable energy. He is a Doctor of Science in technology and his dissertation was about knowledge creation in foresight from a systems perspective. He has broad methodological expertise ranging from systems thinking, decision analysis and optimization to interactive planning, scenario analysis and participatory methods.

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