Seeds of a good anthropocene

Seeds of a good anthropocene

How to explore and create plausible and positive visions of futures that are socially and ecologically desirable, just, and sustainable? In this episode Tanja Hichert discusses the Seeds of a good anthropocene project with Mikko Dufva.

Tanja is a foresight practitioner with over fifteen years of practical strategy experience. She has spent more than a decade running a consulting firm Hichert & Associates specialising in strategic foresight. She has a MBA specializing in Strategy and Forecasting, and a M.Phil in Futures Studies (cum laude) from Stellenbosch University. She is also a research associate at Stellenbosch University’s Centre for Complex Systems in Transition, an associate at Vision Foresight Strategy LCC, serves on the board of the Association of Professional Futurists, and serves as a director of the South African Node of the Millennium Project where she co-founded the Foresight for Development platform. She is based in South Africa, and works all over the world, in particular Africa.



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